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Key Worker Role

Welcome to Ballarat Connect Care Key Worker Services. As dedicated, experienced and qualified key workers, We play an essential role in ensuring the well-being and functioning of our community. Our mission is to provide vital support, guidance, and assistance in times of need.

What Does a Key Worker Do?

The role of our key worker, is to serve as a crucial link between essential services and the individuals who rely on them. Whether it's in healthcare, public safety, social services, or any other critical sector, We are here to provide the support and assistance that keeps our community running smoothly. We come to you and provide you with support, whether it be at your home, social settings or school visit, it is all about what suits you and the needs of your child.

If required, we can assist in the provisioning of services as well as help coordinate communication between your child and the specialist.

Your Reliable Partner

With a commitment to integrity and professionalism, We are here to be your reliable partner. From offering guidance to resolving issues, We take pride in contributing to the stability and welfare of our community. Your needs and well-being are our top priority.

Care like no other

  • Early Childhood Intervention Supports (under 9 years)

  • Capacity Building For Early Childhood Intervention

  • Private consultations for families & educators outside of the NDIS

Fees are in accordance with the NDIS price guide.

Let me look after all your needs

and help you when you need it most! 

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